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Cupping Therapy FAQs from LureEssentials

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction in order to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and activate lymphatic drainage. Cupping therapy dates back to ancient Egypt, Asia and Middl

How does cupping feel? Is it painful?


Where can I get the instructions for cupping?


How does Cupping feel? Will it cause Bruising?

Most individuals find Cupping massage very relaxing resulting in muscle tension and pain relief. Cupping is generally not painful, but depending on individual sensitivity and the intensity of the massage, it may be relaxing or you may experience a mo

How are LURE™ silicone cups different from other Cupping tools?

LURE™ cups are made of durable, antimicrobial food grade silicone. Since our cups are made of silicone instead of glass, they are safe, transparent (for better monitoring), ergonomically shaped, flexible and easy to use. A better alternative to pumpi

How long do marks last after cupping?

The coloring typically ranges from bright red to a darker purple, and can last from 3 days to a week. A darker coloring means that there is a high level of toxins and stagnation in the section of the body that has been treated. In this case, the mark

Can I Cup myself or is Cupping just for professionals?

Cupping is not just for professionals. Cupping is a wonderful tool for self-management of common aches pains and muscle tightness lower Essentials makes a wonderful PDF and even a free video showing how to use cupping at home to safely reduce pain in

How long should I leave cups on "parked'?

As a rule of thumb, don't leave the cups parked on the body for longer than five minutes. Cups parked on the body can increase damage over time. They can result in water blisters which are just fluid filled blisters that are a result of the body not

Why Use Silicone Cups?

Silicone cups are super easy to apply. It can be applied using one hand. You can apply them and can move the cups around or apply them and leave the cups static on the body. Silicone cups wash very easily, durable and are very inexpensive. They come

How durable are Lure Essentials cups?

Lure Essential cups are very durable. It can be used on a daily basis. As long as you are taking care of the cups and washing them after each use, Lure cups can be used for months even years without having to be replaced.