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Why Use Silicone Cups?Updated a year ago

Silicone cups are super easy to apply. It can be applied using one hand. You can apply them and can move the cups around or apply them and leave the cups static on the body. Silicone cups wash very easily, durable and are very inexpensive. They come in different shapes, in different sizes so you can match your cup to the area of treatment of your choice. 

Smaller cups can be used for smaller body parts like the neck the arms and the feet. Larger cups for larger areas like the back the hips and the legs.

Silicone cups stick very very easily to the body. You can perform stretching or even move around keeping the cups on the body and they don't fall off. You can perform different techniques with the cups. You can move the cups in various directions and you can also cup and release very easily.

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