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How does Cupping feel? Will it cause Bruising?Updated a year ago

Most individuals find Cupping massage very relaxing resulting in muscle tension and pain relief. Cupping is generally not painful, but depending on individual sensitivity and the intensity of the massage, it may be relaxing or you may experience a moderate discomfort.

The movement of the cup mimics the rolling action of deep tissue massage, where Cupping treatment creates reverse or "negative" pressure by pulling skin upward. Redness of just massaged skin and feel of warmth (heat) is an indication of increased healthy blood flow to the area you cupped. If you opt for stationary massage Cupping technique, you may notice round marks or slight bruising in the shape of your cups, commonly referred to as “hickey”. These marks are an indication that toxins and stagnation were pulled to the surface of the body, restoring flow of energy and healthy blood flow. The marks are temporary and will fade within a few days.

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